Version 3.0 is ready

DLL Edition of the F-IN-BOX
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Version 3.0 is ready

Postby Softanics » Mon Dec 18, 2006 3:38 pm

New version 3.0 is available!

We have improved API in this version. Old API is still supported, but you should use new API.

In the new version:

1. You can use any number of flash activex codes. Each f-in-box window belongs to loaded code.

2. Using F-IN-BOX in DLLs is more safely now, because F-IN-BOX doesn't use global data.

3. You can control sound for f-in-box windows independently if they are created from different flash activex codes.

4. So-called Streaming is officially available now. It's important if you need to work with big SWFs / FLVs. For example, you load crypted SWF from Internet. In previous version, you should have loaded all data, decrypted it and only then you could play decrypted movie / video. Now, you can encrypt data and immediately pass it to the player.

5. Source code is fully compatible with VC++ 6.

6. Many examples for VB 6.
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