ESC key does not exit fullscreen

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ESC key does not exit fullscreen

Postby Mandel » Mon Jan 05, 2009 1:21 pm

Hello, I use a registered version of f-in-box in a custom DLL used to create several transparent windows displaying SWFs.

The problem is: fullscreen does work fine, but when in fullscreen no keyboard event is received either by flash or by the window itself.

Of course this is an issue since a big "PRESS ESC TO EXIT FULLSCREEN" appears when switching mode and there is apparently no way to avoid it...

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LRESULT CTransparentFlashPlayerControlWnd::WindowProc(UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
   switch (message)
      case WM_KEYUP:   
         if (wParam == VK_ESCAPE)
            // never reached in fullscreen

(in fact, no keyboard event at all are catched in fullscreen mode)

F.Y.I, I create a main window (for handling keybord events, for instance) and a child window

Code: Select all

HWND hCtrlWnd = CreateWindow(...);


      (LPCWSTR)szName, // gruge...
      rc.left,, rc.right - rc.left, rc.bottom -,

Neither parent nor child window receives keybord events in fullscreen.


Note that if I use the same SWF with the "transparent" MFC sample, ESC key works in fullscreen - but then mouse clicks are not received by flash (only double-clicks) etc.

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance,

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Postby Softanics » Mon Jan 05, 2009 1:31 pm

Thank you for your question.

Is it possible to send me a sample to test? I hope, yes. My email is support (at)

Thank you.
Best regards, Artem A. Razin,
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Postby thebigc1974 » Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:43 pm


I have the same problem in a QT-Framework which uses f-in-box (dll).
The Event WM_KEYDOWN->VK_ESCAPE only comes when flash ist NOT selected, no matter if fullscreen or in windowmode. Even if I click on the windowborder of the QT-Widget which hosts f-in-box, the event is not catched. When I select another QT-Window the event is there again...

I try now to catch the Key-Events in Flash itself and pass them with External api to the framework. But thatÒ‘s a workaround I woul like to avoid.

Is there any chance to still get keyevents when the flash is selected?


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