Version 3.0 is available!

F-IN-BOX for Delphi / Builder C++ / VCL
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Version 3.0 is available!

Postby Softanics » Mon Oct 23, 2006 9:43 am

The new F-IN-BOX, Delphi Edition version 3.0 is available.

A few important features is included in this release:

1. Adjusting sound volume

2. Streaming

Streaming is an ability to load the content in the asynchronous mode. If you load a movie using LoadMovieFromStream, the movie is loaded into LoadMovieFromStream. If your movie is large, it may take some time. Another example: you have encoded an SWF/FLV file and want to load it into the player. If you use LoadMovieFromStream, the player will play the file only after all of the data is decoded . That's why the ability to provide content in the asynchronous mode is important.

The license is changed:

The changes:

1. Starting with this version, you can't distribute DPL / BPL with your application, you should statically link the component with your application.

2. Site Developer License is assigned for installation and execution on unlimited numbers of computers by any user inside one building of organization.

Starting with this version, 1-year upgrades is free of charge for registered users. If you purchased 2.x more than one year ago, you should purchase upgrade. Contact for more information.
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